The Little Girl

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The Little girl. I love that little girl who always depended on me .Who I always depended on too.But now she is on her own,she has made it with me through the highs and the lows and …all of a sudden ….she has stopped …saying anything at all. I have seen her become her own and I am proud of her ….but some little misunderstanding and there is not one single word from her,I am waiting to here from her …the little cherub . Yes she is younger than me I should be of a more understanding nature or else…..the bond may be broken.Fate may be tempting and Ego can be our greatest enemy but the cherished bond that I hold for my lil plum WHY must I be deprived of her ? I wont allow for it …I will hold on …I will call to her and I will cling …I will forgive, I will understand for that bond which I share with lambiekins is more precious .

I will hold on …

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