Under the starry skies

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Under the Starry Skies

I reminisce the events of the recent past , I am thinking of a woman , a woman who has a shrill voice like that of a toad.

She is consumed by this negative vibe which I feel she is passing to me like a disease,a disease worst than that of plague , she is passing a disease of hatred and grudge to me.The worst disease known to mankind . I am thinking of her ,she hates me for reasons i know not why , though I have not done any thing to provoke her into disliking me.At first i was perplexed but now i have come to that subtle sense of realization,which often comes after deep contempelation.She has some personal issues and has a complex.So now instead of fuming and fretting over her attitude towards me I decide to leave her be , she and her mouth can further destroy her vocal chords which may further devolve her throat chakra.

While me on the other hand will focus on the beautiful things on the planet hoping to attract them instead.

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