Forgive and Forget

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Let go

they say

forgive they say

forget they say

but is it easy ? Ask I

You must

they say

You should

they  say

Why ? Ask I

If you don’t they threaten

then be prepared  for a cursed life

they warn and go away


have you observed a room , however beautiful it may be if it is not cleaned regularly it soon fills up with cobwebs.If you do not forgive you do not give chance for those who caused you hurt to make amends for their deeds ,you only give room for more harmful emotions like anger and grudge to grow in your mind.If you do not forget …ah! forgetting is the hardest and the most toughest job ,but if you do not forget you attract those type of incidencies back in your life creating a vicious cycle and pattern . Also if you do not forget you are constantly filled with the hurtful thoughts , for sure you will find it difficult to even take a single step ahead in life , you will hamper your own growth And your life will become similar to that cobweb filled room.

Wishing me , you and the whole Universe the ability to forgive and forget 🙂


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