What We All Need

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what I need is what you need .I need peace and I am sure you need it too.Peace is divine ,peace is meditative ,peace is beautiful and peace is healing.That serene, wonderful feeling where you are lost in eternal timelessness sans any care ,sorrow or worry for morrow.The greatness of peace how can I explain …those who face the  trials of time alone can know the true value of it .For with peace comes perfection in all that you do, there is clarity in your thoughts thus enabling you to listen to your inner voice and making you take decisions that guarantee you zero regrets.Peace is Supreme that I know ,Peace is Supreme that You know too, for we both have witnessed the turmoils of an unpleasant mind filled with incessant chatter of thoughts present ,past and future.

So here I am on wordpress praying in all earnestness that we get all the Peace that there is from the abundant vault of the Universe .Peace to me , peace to you  , peace peace peace peace




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