Mythic Shoot

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Theres a lady walking a pebbled path

alone in her thoughts in a forest 🌿

of a past that is dead

theres a stream nearby

theres a nightingale

singing of a bitterness

resting  in the heart

theres  a feeling that she gets

that draws the maiden to that


kneeling down she looks at her


and sheds a tear of healing

then she takes her garbs off

embracing the water spirit

soon to be one with the unknown

but soon a raven flies overhead

and gives a cry of the devil

about to come

the maiden soul awakened

makes haste ,in garbs back

runs swiftly like a deer in fear

runs she as fast as she could into

a cottage

where an old woman stands to greet her

offered she is broth of rice cold with fleas dead

aghast she turns to that door

on the run again

in the cold dark

night she stops not

till the sight of the Church of her

Fathers seen

runs she does

eventually a lights seen

and hastens she towards it

but alas! its not what it seems

for they who pray are the red eyed ones

its the Church of the devil !

mind racing , thoughts frozen

wildly bolts she again

till her heels hurt

and give way to the cold mud

lies panting , eyes closed

removes she

the old rusted rosary

and praying calls upon HIM

calls Him hard

a light of gold begins to grow

in that heart

and appears a Church right at the fore

lifted shes taken where the spirits🎆

of God are playing

noticing sweetly smile they

on her and take her to

the abode ⛪️

she can call her own

that dwelling which is HIS

heart ….💓





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