Back Again

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I am sick of it all . I am letting go. I don’t care and am not concerned any more.

playing the fool and being aloof made me nothing nothing other than a certified fool

now enough s enough must go my way …must take the risk and find that path

His grace is there , and forever will be , have made a decision to lift the spirit

and stick to it .

Others before have travelled the road and now the time is ripe to leave that baggage

behind.The fear that was there has left the mind and in its place sits a fountain of faith.

Gone are the days of the slumber and sloth, gone are the days of repeated patterns.

Now are the days of Bright Renewal.

Now are the days of calling for Promised Land and fortune.

Bouncing back all charged up.

The journey for a better today and tomorrow has already begun.

Taking the reigns like designated King…I am the Master and the Commander

With His power I take Back whats mine.

With His power I Rule the World.

So be it , So BE IT !

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