A Serendipity


This is for  fffaw-challenge-february-14-2017   . Thank you  Priceless Joy for running the challenge and Sunayana for the beautiful photo  prompt. 🙂

the link is below


The story is 149 words long.

The wind played softly with her hair , it was a long day , she trudged along , weary and sad till she came across a small street ,hidden from the main road lighted with angelic decorations of white lights , she stood staring at that luminosity and felt good.

She was approaching 50 and had quit her long comfortable job , that of a banker. At this point in her life she felt lost and alone , she needed to rethink of the direction of her journey .She looked at the bright lights , lost in thoughts, when all of a sudden she felt a small tug at her skirt.

It was a small boy carrying a bouquet of roses.He picked one “only .60 cents ma’am”he said.She smiled “I will take all of them dear “.

She had found her purpose …teaching to children who can’t afford education…

5 thoughts on “A Serendipity

  1. Wonderful! That truly is serendipity! Great story!

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  2. This story makes me happy. 😀

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  3. Perfect title for this. Great story.

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