And she won’t change her mind


It was late afternoon , she strolled in the farmyard and saw two  eyes staring at her .

‘Sooo cute !! Such an adorable calf !’she  exclaimed to herself and went ahead to stroke it.

Few minutes later , she heard footsteps …

She turned back and looked …

“WHO ARE YOU and What are you doing here ?! ”

“I…I…am just”  before she could say anything further she was interrupted by

Jamie “cool, bro ,  thats Liz we are off for some fish  , come on Liz ”

he called .

At the cafe Liz was still reeling under the impression of Joshua O Riley ‘ s image .Never in her eighteen  years had she seen someone so beautiful that made her stutter.She was dating Jamie for 3 years now , was happy , probably that Josh guy already has someone ,plus he was rude ,  well none of my business she said to herself. Looks are not everything …

This story (147 words)

is in response to FFFAW challenge hosted by Priceless Joy and thank you to majesticgoldenrose for the photo prompt.

check here for the challenge


10 thoughts on “And she won’t change her mind

  1. You made her emotions come to life. And loved the language. Nice one.

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  2. Great story! It reminded me of that song, Be Happy Who You are With. Hopefully, she will be happy with Jamie!

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  3. They met over a cow – how romantic! Sweet tale 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • actually she already had Jamie as a boyfriend and decided to not let her mind hover over the one she met over a cow , 🙂 therefore the title…but if you have her prefer the other one over a period of time thats your take …probably in the future , then its indeed romantic !

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  4. Hi, I’m majesticgoldenrose, and I am glad you used my prompt. Great post, btw! I love how you show Liz’s thoughts and emotions…. so cool!

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  5. Hmm! I perceive more dilemma. I hope she stays happy with Jamie.

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