And the water gushes by…


This is the spot !, she exclaimed.

He looked incredulous , “how ? please explain !”, he asked.

Well look carefully ! she said peering down “what do you see?”

he replied , “water ”

“Well that maybe just water to you !…but at that point it was not water to me !”,she mused.

Looking back at him slowly “to me this water was a force , look ! look at the way it is flowing , swiftly , with consistent agility, never caring for those rocks which seem to act like obstacles, carving its own way , dodging whatever that seems to obstruct its path.Flowing freely .”

“My dear”, she said looking back at water , “this was my source of inspiration , back when the chips were down , I persisted and carried on and what you see before you is the famed award-winning writer !”smiled she.

All it took was one walk in the woods and a rendezvous with nature. 

149 words in  response to ffaw

thank you PJ for the ffaw and Maria for the prompt !

look here for challenge ! ⇓



11 thoughts on “And the water gushes by…

  1. I hope that the rapids are kind to her.🙂

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  2. oh, i love this! and I so agree.. sometimes, all it takes is a walk in the woods and a rendezvous with nature. ❤

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  3. Nature often is the best muse – a walk in the forest, or by the lake. Or even taking a notebook there to write! If the wind doesn’t get hair in your eyes or scatter your pages, but it’s always inspiring.

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  4. That is exactly what I saw in the picture. Thank you!

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  5. nature does inspire so much, when we stop and listen to its speak, beautifully written.

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