Spreading the good word


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Loretta Notto. Thank yoiu Loretta! and PJ


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

149 words

“They are the chopped woods kept by grandpa Ben”, said Tom

“They will be sold to the local seller Sam soon” said Gina

“Why does grandpa Ben work so much?”at his age he should be resting!” chipped in Claire.

“children !” came a voice from the Maple nearby .

“That is because Old Ben loves  YOU and work !”

That was Grandma .

Grandma was really a jovial woman , she gathered the three children around her and narrated tales of  grandpa and his hard work to them , praising him always despite grandpa being a grumbling sort of fellow…despite the children being irritated because of his old age…SHE ALWAYS TOLD THEM HE LOVED THEM  AND THEREFORE HE WORKED FOR THE FAMILY.

“We too want to be hardworking like our grandpa” squealed the trio !

14 thoughts on “Spreading the good word

  1. Lovely story. I like characters of grumpy old men who are really caring and loving underneath.

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    • true ! many times it happens that children get affected by the grumpiness of their elders …elders who are somehow unable to express their affection by words but by actions …then so as to clear of any feelings of hurt another elder like the grandma has to explain to them that grandpa cares for them but in a different way ….also one must focus on the good side side of their dear ones….😊

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  2. Working for the family is good but so is spending time with the grandchildren.

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  3. Great story! Grandpa works so hard because of his love for the family. Very nice message in this one!

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  4. If only all children could be so helped to understand the differing ways in which people care. Lovely story.

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    • true…one needs people like grandma here…children are sensitive beings and they need to see the good side of their dear ones and they need people to show them that its not only words but actions also that express affection…one needs to focus on the good points of close ones atleast to maintain good relations …😊

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  5. lovely story , I felt so included by the use of my name there too! love when families can pass stories down like that, a generation loving the other for the wonder they bring to each otehrs lives

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  6. What great example for the children. I hope they still love work when they grow older.

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