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In letting go (ramblings)

in letting go the negatives …

you attract the positives…

its not only the web which is filled with information

but also the world…

and in that whole information there are all sorts of types

types that are good , bad and down right ugly

but what we do with this information is upon us

some tend to voyeur their way out of their responsibility

some tend to hang on to the ugly past

some move on with the new searched info , brought upon  or googled by them

and some loaded with the heavy stuff (info) JUST SIT

doing nothing

that will not bring them any returns

its up to each one here to filter out what

they come across during the day

everything out here is not for everything in there

the mind or the heart for that matter

Escapism and voyeurism are the enemies of the current time

and must be dealt with accordingly




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lessons been learnt

forgiving letting go and forgetting

are the lessons eventually learnt

with the price being paid in experiences

and now freely just like the eagle

one can fly  !

free out of the cage made of past !

exploring the vast azure skies of the present !

here’s a toast to the moment ! 🙂

i love you




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letting go and forgetting

letting go & forgetting

is a major issue

but dealing with both is an inevitable job !

something unsavory happens click delete !



its true that they say moving on with the heavy bagagge of the past is

sucking and draining of energy

these two tasks must be done

or else suffer being stuck up in time !

gosh how one hates the word suffer

if it was all about letting go & forgetting

then right here , right now the lessons are learnt 

for the price in experience was already paid


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Why people spread lies

People spread lies and rumors only when they are empty inside

They are the individuals hurt and weak

therefore when they see those who are better off than them they spread

such lies about others

they are the black holes in the space

they are the purposeless kind

they are  unhappy folks

so always keep in mind dear folks whose opinions are you taking and why …