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Come back…

I want to find that girl again…

she would help me find love again

get me back on ma feet again

bring back the zest and zeal back again

I wish her to come here rea..al fassstt

her passion unparalleled filled  with vigor

how I revelled in her company

full of youth and in the pink of health

my dear cherie I want you back

I know you are listenin

yes the times were not good back then

but victory and glory was always in sight and achieved

so come back again !

lady ! the world is waiting to gift you the riches of abundance !


Sometimes you just have to call 

so thats exactly what I did listening to this mesmerizing track

tomorrow is a new day !

i do not own this video



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instant CRUSH

Such a beautiful song ! a cover version of daft punks original by a woman considered to be one of the world’ most beautiful …Natalie ! Natalie ! you sing so beautifully …this is one song that doesn’t seem to get out of your mind …theres something about the beats , the rhythm and the voice combined create a powerful imagery , hard to ignore.