“I want I need a summer vacation some where near the beach just like those two people!” I implored pointing at a picture of a couple staring placidly at the sea

It must be some where in France I mused

“No!”said my mom “Rita you cannot because there is no money

to pay for such exotic fun !”

“YEAH mum you are right”!I said, tears trickling down my cheeks

I slammed the blighted door and brought pen to paper

dear diary, I began

what a plight all they spent their time was on arguments and fights and spirituality but not on the basic joys and the most important thing on this planet EARNING MONEY…

obsessed they were on each others faults BUT not the strengths of each other

A vacation I will have by earning one for myself

free no longer dependent on them(mum&dad)

thus I closed the book.

148 words

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!


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Spreading the good word

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Loretta Notto. Thank yoiu Loretta! and PJ


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

149 words

“They are the chopped woods kept by grandpa Ben”, said Tom

“They will be sold to the local seller Sam soon” said Gina

“Why does grandpa Ben work so much?”at his age he should be resting!” chipped in Claire.

“children !” came a voice from the Maple nearby .

“That is because Old Ben loves  YOU and work !”

That was Grandma .

Grandma was really a jovial woman , she gathered the three children around her and narrated tales of  grandpa and his hard work to them , praising him always despite grandpa being a grumbling sort of fellow…despite the children being irritated because of his old age…SHE ALWAYS TOLD THEM HE LOVED THEM  AND THEREFORE HE WORKED FOR THE FAMILY.

“We too want to be hardworking like our grandpa” squealed the trio !

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letting go and forgetting

letting go & forgetting

is a major issue

but dealing with both is an inevitable job !

something unsavory happens click delete !



its true that they say moving on with the heavy bagagge of the past is

sucking and draining of energy

these two tasks must be done

or else suffer being stuck up in time !

gosh how one hates the word suffer

if it was all about letting go & forgetting

then right here , right now the lessons are learnt 

for the price in experience was already paid


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forgiving is hard very hard

especially to people who had nothing to with you

but still interfered in your business

forgiving is hard real hard

but what to do !

unless you forgive you can’t move on !

if that were the lesson to be learnt

then its learnt today

the price was paid in the experience

and a lesson was learned