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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

149 words

“They are the chopped woods kept by grandpa Ben”, said Tom

“They will be sold to the local seller Sam soon” said Gina

“Why does grandpa Ben work so much?”at his age he should be resting!” chipped in Claire.

“children !” came a voice from the Maple nearby .

“That is because Old Ben loves  YOU and work !”

That was Grandma .

Grandma was really a jovial woman , she gathered the three children around her and narrated tales of  grandpa and his hard work to them , praising him always despite grandpa being a grumbling sort of fellow…despite the children being irritated because of his old age…SHE ALWAYS TOLD THEM HE LOVED THEM  AND THEREFORE HE WORKED FOR THE FAMILY.

“We too want to be hardworking like our grandpa” squealed the trio !



The song man’s tale



Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
It’s not warm when she’s away…

“Wow ! that was pretty rad ! ” exclaimed the girl

“I didn’t know that you could sing !”

“I always knew I could sing well” sighed Joe as  strummed a few

strings on his guitar ,  wistfully thinking how he could have pursued

his passion than followed what everyone at that time was doing , getting a corporate job…of course! it was at Anita ‘s insistence , that he worked at a job he had no interest in ,   but what good did it do now?!

he asked himself .

He was broke , Anita had left him for some other  and all he had was his little girl and his music.

“Don’t worry pappah ! ” he felt a small hand on his lap as tears were beginning to well up in his eyes.

daddy will give you all the best things ,  he mused hugging her.

story 150 words

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The Humble Croissant !

Sugar , flour

butter and eggs

a little bit of water and some milk !

and you knead and knead and knead some more 

and roll it all with some more butter

till its smooth and glossy ready to be sliced 

into fine tiddly triangles !

then ever so gently you roll them up 

into their well known shape

glazing them up  in egg  !

and off you go  to bake them up

till they come out puffed and scrumptious !






sweet daffodil


He flopped on the seat .He was waiting . He didn’t know what to expect.Then he saw her …that woman , nothing much had changed .

Tall and slender , black heels and a Cartier , chiffon blouse and a khaki skirt …a reminder of those silhouettes of the moviestars of the golden age of Hollywood.

It had been 2 decades since they had last met , she had asked him to leave .

She  loved  another man , had betrayed him and never once called back , so why was she here after all these years and why did he come after that intense betrayal .

He got up and looked into her eyes , she stared back. She took his hand and gave him a daffodil . In her eyes he saw the tears that she was trying to hide…at that moment he knew.

“Lets go home mum ” he said as hand in hand they disappeared in the crowd.

This beautiful story is in response to FFfaw challenge hosted by the wonderful Priceless Joy and the photo prompt is provided by Dawn Miller.

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