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There was a time when this song used to be played in every restaurant…

what finesse !

love the way he plays the sax !

his face radiates pure joy while playing this !

is there any wonder why we love this tune so much !

classic !

love it !




video not owned by me

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Hurrah ! Hurrah ! for its Nice !

Hurrah ! Hurrah ! for its Nice!

The summer place for gay laddies and lassies !

say hurrah ! hurrah ! for its Nice !

the serenading waters cooling  weary feet

and  ol’  warm sea breeze playing in the loosened hair !

say hurrah ! hurrah ! for its Nice !

and let the fun and frolic begin !

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A summer holiday to Nice !

i am going on a summer holiday

to feel the breezy air of that place called Nice

just like the Englishmen did in the good old times

taking their  strolls in   eventide

as the cool waters touched their feet.

Everyone wants to be there  rich or not

and just like them I will go along promenading

and if time permits stop along at Negresco

and marvel at its grandeur !

or might just hop in to see the Musee Matisse

and bask in the all his artistic splendor  !

so I am going on a summer holiday to that place called

Nice !



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instant CRUSH

Such a beautiful song ! a cover version of daft punks original by a woman considered to be one of the world’ most beautiful …Natalie ! Natalie ! you sing so beautifully …this is one song that doesn’t seem to get out of your mind …theres something about the beats , the rhythm and the voice combined create a powerful imagery , hard to ignore.