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There was a time when this song used to be played in every restaurant…

what finesse !

love the way he plays the sax !

his face radiates pure joy while playing this !

is there any wonder why we love this tune so much !

classic !

love it !




video not owned by me

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The Power of Love

Two Magnificent women !

Powerful ballad !

how I love this song !

the feeling that I can’t go on is light years away !

that line always gets me 

wah ! Wow !

The magic is amazing !

Truly Love is powerful

#Focus on Love today folks of blogosphere !

praying for love to all ! ūüôā

Lots of love to all !

the video does not belongs to me




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Come back…

I want to find that girl again…

she would help me find love again

get me back on ma feet again

bring back the zest and zeal back again

I wish her to come here rea..al fassstt

her passion unparalleled filled  with vigor

how I revelled in her company

full of youth and in the pink of health

my dear cherie I want you back

I know you are listenin

yes the times were not good back then

but victory and glory was always in sight and achieved

so come back again !

lady ! the world is waiting to gift you the riches of abundance !


Sometimes you just have to call 

so thats exactly what I did listening to this mesmerizing track

tomorrow is a new day !

i do not own this video


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A summer holiday to Nice !

i am going on a summer holiday

to feel the breezy air of that place called Nice

just like the Englishmen did in the good old times

taking their  strolls in   eventide

as the cool waters touched their feet.

Everyone wants to be there  rich or not

and just like them I will go along promenading

and if time permits stop along at Negresco

and marvel at its grandeur !

or might just hop in to see the Musee Matisse

and bask in the all his artistic splendor  !

so I am going on a summer holiday to that place called

Nice !