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In letting go (ramblings)

in letting go the negatives …

you attract the positives…

its not only the web which is filled with information

but also the world…

and in that whole information there are all sorts of types

types that are good , bad and down right ugly

but what we do with this information is upon us

some tend to voyeur their way out of their responsibility

some tend to hang on to the ugly past

some move on with the new searched info , brought upon  or googled by them

and some loaded with the heavy stuff (info) JUST SIT

doing nothing

that will not bring them any returns

its up to each one here to filter out what

they come across during the day

everything out here is not for everything in there

the mind or the heart for that matter

Escapism and voyeurism are the enemies of the current time

and must be dealt with accordingly




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the nymph from the sea wishes

slowly and steadily

emerges she from

the depths of neptunium seas

her eyes wandering

here and there looking

for that figure to come out on the shore

after a while  he comes

the son of Adonis , in all his splendour

cares not he for that forlorn sea maiden

as he basks in the embrace of Gaia’s

beautiful daughter

as  the solitary nymph continues to  look on.