Past Gone


It was winter …she could see the cold in its frosty glory settled on the scenery outside

the time had come 

she opened the door and walked in the snow that evening right where the icy pond lay 

and placed the small paper boat on the placid still surface , the little boat carried a small

piece of paper and on it were the words goodbye

good bye she said softly and turned back 

At home , she blew out the candle in room 

sleep came soundlessly and effortlessly that night

The next day was bright and cheery …the sun was shining brightly by now the pond would have melted…

She was ready for work and a new phase

Sam came out to greet her , she smiled Come she said lets work on that new project

and together they stepped outside 

The Boat of her past had sailed away from her harbor

150 words

This week’s photo prompt is provided by loniangraphics. Thank you for our photo prompt! and also PJ



18 thoughts on “Past Gone

  1. Lovely use of the prompt, I liked the physical activity of saying goodbye to her past.

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  2. Sometimes it’s best to say goodbye to the past. Hope she has a bright future ahead of her.

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  3. A nice way to bid goodbye. Love the last line The Boat of her past had sailed away from her harbor

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  4. Wonderful poem! I like how the winter’s represents her past and she tells it goodbye as she welcomes the spring of her new beginning!

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  5. Enjoyed the lyricism in your creation. Beautiful!

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  6. Lovely

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  7. It often helps to create a ceremony bidding the past farewell. I like this.
    The Snow
    Annie at ~McGuffy’s Reader~

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  8. i loved the tenderness of your words charting a new course, a new story beginning

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