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gratitude time

thank you lord for everything 😊💐🌼😘🏡🛳🌷🍧🐑



And she won’t change her mind

It was late afternoon , she strolled in the farmyard and saw two  eyes staring at her .

‘Sooo cute !! Such an adorable calf !’she  exclaimed to herself and went ahead to stroke it.

Few minutes later , she heard footsteps …

She turned back and looked …

“WHO ARE YOU and What are you doing here ?! ”

“I…I…am just”  before she could say anything further she was interrupted by

Jamie “cool, bro ,  thats Liz we are off for some fish  , come on Liz ”

he called .

At the cafe Liz was still reeling under the impression of Joshua O Riley ‘ s image .Never in her eighteen  years had she seen someone so beautiful that made her stutter.She was dating Jamie for 3 years now , was happy , probably that Josh guy already has someone ,plus he was rude ,  well none of my business she said to herself. Looks are not everything …

This story (147 words)

is in response to FFFAW challenge hosted by Priceless Joy and thank you to majesticgoldenrose for the photo prompt.

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Its Monte Carlo where I must go !



Its Monte Carlo where I must go !

Sailing on a  luxury yatch !

the warm sun cheering me up !

Its Monte Carlo where I must go !

wining and dining in late eventide at the hotel de paris

having a fill of mangue noix de  coco et fruit de la passion au poivre de sarawak !

Its Monte Carlo where I must go , oh yes !

watching  billions splurged  every where by the very rich  at the casino grand

a paradise for the wealthy birds flaunting off their gold plumage !

Its Monte Carlo where I must go !

Bugatis,Mclarens,Ferraris and Lamborghinis 

a bevy of them lined across the street !

Its Monte Carlo where I must go !

an air of sophistication !

a touch of class !

women in Dior  strutting in red Louboutins !

a whiff of Chanel or Escada and plenty of LVs hustling by !

Its Monte Carlo where I must go !

a ball with the royals at their Chateau !

a congregation for the rich and famous !

 What a sight of opulent  glory  !

Its Monte Carlo  ! Monte Carlo !




sweet daffodil


He flopped on the seat .He was waiting . He didn’t know what to expect.Then he saw her …that woman , nothing much had changed .

Tall and slender , black heels and a Cartier , chiffon blouse and a khaki skirt …a reminder of those silhouettes of the moviestars of the golden age of Hollywood.

It had been 2 decades since they had last met , she had asked him to leave .

She  loved  another man , had betrayed him and never once called back , so why was she here after all these years and why did he come after that intense betrayal .

He got up and looked into her eyes , she stared back. She took his hand and gave him a daffodil . In her eyes he saw the tears that she was trying to hide…at that moment he knew.

“Lets go home mum ” he said as hand in hand they disappeared in the crowd.

This beautiful story is in response to FFfaw challenge hosted by the wonderful Priceless Joy and the photo prompt is provided by Dawn Miller.

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