My first brush with the London Elite !

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“That man over there is Sir Gerald James , the girl next to him is Miss Pauline Emery and that stately woman standing over there is Lady Cristobel James  and you my sir are invited by our Lady to this small soiree of hers as a guest for retrieving her handbag from the thief the other day!”, said the butler to me as I was ushered in the hall.

The lady saw me and immediately introduced me to her other guests, all of them belonging to an affluent class. She told them of her latest adventure with the handbag and made me quite heroic in their eyes!

My ! my ! lady luck seems to be smiling at me I said to myself .New  in London and already rubbing shoulders with the rich ! Who knows I may get employed by one of them  and then become them!

My Time of Glory has come !

story 150 words

This is in response to FFAW thanks PJ for the contest and Louis for the photo prompt!

below is the link 


One thought on “My first brush with the London Elite !

  1. Hahahaha! Well, that could be true. He already has his foot in the door! Great story!

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